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Jig : gan aimn

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Reels : The wind that shakes the Barley and The Traveller's.

The name of the second reel (the traveller's) may find its source in a french-canadian reel, either the reel des travailleurs (becoming traveller by assimilation), or the reel des voyageurs.

Waltz and hornpipe : the first tune is named An Gaoth Aneas (the wind from the South). The hornpipe, Stack of Rye, is also known as Junior Crehan's, name of a fiddler from Clare (1908-1998)

Donna Donna Do : yiddish song, popularized by Joan Baez

Hornpipes : Peter Wipers and The High Level.

The first tune has been played by Seamus Bugley (CD The Luck Penny). The second tune deserves its title when played, for instance, by Bobby Gardiner...

The high Level has been fashioned by 19th century fiddler James Hill. This hornpipe is named after Newcastle's famous bridge across the river Tyne linking Newcastle to Gateshead, town where James Hill was living. This hornpipe is one of the most popular in the scottish repertoire.

Reels : The jug of punch and McDonagh's. The word "punch" derives from a Hindi word, according to The fiddler's Companion, meaning "five" because of the five ingredients in this jug : spirits, water, lemon-juice, sugar and spices.

Mc Donagh brothers, Larry and Michael Joe, were flute and fiddle players.

These two reels can be heard on Patrick Ourceau's CD, "Live at Mona's".

Polkas : The Gneevguilla polka and Jim Ryan's. Gneeveguilla is a Sliabh Luachra village, Kerry. This polka was played by Johnny O'Leary ans recorded in 1981 at Na Piobairi UIllean concert.I heard those two polkas on Paudie O'Connor and John O'Brien's CD, "Wind and reeds". 

Reels : The Monaghan Twig and New Mown Meadow

Hornpipe : the pride of Petravore

Jigs : the bow-legged Tailor and scottisch jig

Reel : the Contradiction

Reels : the old torn petticoat, and farewell to Miltown

Bourrée (Michael Praetorius (1571-1621)

Caseys' reel

Reels : the Miller of Draughin, Pigeon on the Gate, and John Dwyer's

Hornpipes : Boys of Bluehills, Chief O Neil's Favourite

Hornpipe and reels

Reels : Colliers, Mc Gettrick's

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